Applying for your loan

When assessing a loan application lenders carefully assess each borrower on his or her merit, looking primarily at their debt repayment track record.  Lenders also rely on a computerized credit scoring method.

A lender will look primarily at the following criteria in making a risk assessment:

  • Employment status
  • Income
  • Repayments record over the past twelve months.
  • Overall credit history
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Low Doc Home Loans
Home Loans for the Self-employed.
Full Doc Loans
Loans based on income and employment.
Fixed Loans
Locking into a fixed payment makes budgeting easier.
No Deposit Home Loans
100% home loans with no deposit.
Refinance Mortgage
Get a better deal on your home loan.
Variable Loans
Offers the flexibility of making extra repayments.
Home Equity Loan
A line of credit that works like an ordinary credit card.
Line of Credit
Finance your home, business and lifestyle.