No Deposit Home Loans

A No Deposit Home Loan is designed to meet the needs of anyone who does not have a deposit but does have a strong credit rating, stable employment and residential history.

The No Deposit Home Loan is designed to meet the market need for residential loans for customers with little equity but good cash flow, providing a loan of up to 100% of a property's purchase price or valuation (whichever is the lesser).

The Flexible Deposit Option with the No Deposit Home Loan provides for standard interest rates, subject to Lender's Mortgage Insurance coverage and underwriting conditions.

The Loan Extension Fee Option is for individuals who do not meet the Mortgage Insurers conditions but whom the Bank determines are still an acceptable lending risk. Subject to payment of the Loan Extension Fee, these loans still deliver a competitive loan product helping them achieve home ownership sooner.

Key Benefits are:

  • FHOG not required as deposit
  • Redraw facility (on variable rate loans)
  • Interest Offset facility
  • Choice of fixed or variable rates
  • Available for both owners occupiers and investors
  • Interest In Advance repayment option for investors
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