Mortgage Free in 10 yrs?

Imagine for a second that you could be mortgage free in 10 years time. What would that mean for your lifestyle?

Without the burden of a mortgage you'd be free to give your children the best education, take exotic holidays or to invest more for retirement.


Mortgages can last up to 30 years and with rising interest rates, experts have predicted we could soon have mortgages for life.  Imagine that, paying the bank every month for the rest of your life.  But it doesn’t have to be like this.

At the Mortgage Store, we have teamed up with qualified, licensed financial planners.  We’ve completed extensive research, hours of financial modelling and crunched the numbers every which way to develop a unique product to help you be mortgage free in 10 years or less.

It doesn’t matter if you are a first home buyer, mortgage veteran or investor.

Our approach helps people at all stages of home ownership to own their own home, outright, sooner.

Your Mortgage Store Team

Why has paying your mortgage off sooner been so difficult?

It is common fact that most average home owners with a mortgage contribute roughly one-third of their disposable income toward paying off the loan.

But when repayments (as a portion of income) rise much more than this, people begin to come under what is known as ‘housing stress’. With the larger proportion of income going to meeting bank repayments, much less is available to meet the needs of living.  Life gets tough.

If you were to follow traditional advice for paying your home off earlier, then you would quickly end up with housing stress!

The diagram above shows how increasing mortgage repayments the traditional way can lead to housing stress.

Introducing the Freedom Plan

The Freedom Plan offers an easier, stress-free alternative to the expensive, lifestyle-strangling route of increasing your repayments.

This turn-key investment program has the potential to allow you to call your home your own in just 10 years — and perhaps earn some additional profit on the side.  And no this is a not a scam or a get rich quick scheme.  This is sound financial strategy.

Most importantly, you may even be able to participate in the Freedom Plan with no up front cash investment and a total initial (after tax) outgoing of around $100 a week.

Find out more

The Freedom Plan is a unique way to reduce the length of your mortgage.

Rather than giving you all the information online, we’d like the opportunity to talk with you.  Importantly, this also gives us a first idea of how the Freedom plan might best work for you.

To find out more, complete the form below.  We'll send you detailed information to get you started - obligation free.
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